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Taking inspiration from Easter pastels #Easter #pastels #armcandy #armparty #josephnogucci

Taking inspiration from Easter pastels #Easter #pastels #armcandy #armparty #josephnogucci

How to Wear the Plain White T

In spring and summer, we sometimes feel at a loss for outfit ideas- partly because there aren’t as many layering options. For the days when you don’t feel all that inclined to give in to trends, or when you’ve exhausted all your options, a plain white T can speak volumes and really make a statement. It’s all in how you wear it!

First off, make sure your white t-shirt is crisp, clean and simple. This is your statement piece; everything else is an accessory.

A classic pair of light-colored denim is what you need next. Finding the perfect pair can be hard, but is essential.  Make sure you like the fit and that you’re comfortable in them. We chose a pair of boyfit cutoffs because they’re comfy and go with the tomboy style that’s been popping up lately.

Then, your arm candy. Wraps are a big trend this spring. They’re reminiscent of that boho-chic look, perfect of festivals, to pair with denim, even floral dresses. The Joseph Nogucci Brown Leather & Pearl Wrap is a great piece that can carry you through spring, summer and even fall. It’ll compliment the plain white T and light denim perfectly.

Last but not least, go for a pair of natural leather sandals. Light brown sandals with some detailed stitching or a unique twist will add a little something extra to this simple look. It may take a few days to wear them in, but it’ll be well worth it as they’re more durable and will soften as you wear them. 

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We weren’t expecting snow today, but made the most of it… Sweaters and winter crystals make a good combo! #snow #wintercrystal #kikiballa #crystal #armparty #josephnogucci

We weren’t expecting snow today, but made the most of it… Sweaters and winter crystals make a good combo! #snow #wintercrystal #kikiballa #crystal #armparty #josephnogucci

Going Gaga for Radiant Orchid

It’s finally warming up outside and we’re excited to pull out the items that’ve been hiding in the backs of our closets! 

Radiant orchid is one of those colors that you see naturally popping up in spring. The beautiful flowers beginning to bloom give us feelings of hope and renewal, not to mention a nice splash of color. 

For the commonly nippy spring nights, adding purple in layers makes a nice statement. As for April showers- a colorful pair of rain boots can make us rethink how we see puddles.

What is your favorite way to wear purple? Is it a staple in your spring wardrobe?

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Mint Makes a Comeback for Spring

Once every year, the color gods make the decision as to which colors will be the seasons’s go-to’s for the season. We’re thrilled that this pale minty hue is making a comeback this spring and summer!

Hemlock is a color that everyone can wear, whether it’s featured as the main element of an outfit (such as a dress or skirt) or in subtler ways (think accessories or nail polish).

Do you have your eye on any mint pieces this year, or do you already own anything in this gorgeous color?

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